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Age of Humanity
Azeroth Wars LR 1.90a
Coming of the Horde 22.0.w3x
Fight for Warcraft3V2.4.w3x
Glideon v1.2.0.w3x
Greece 1.5c.w3x
Legion of Creeps v1b.w3x
LoC-RoE 1.14.w3x
Lordaeron TA v1.46.w3x
LOTR Fall of Arnor v1.2.w3x
LotSW 1.80b.w3x
opt-AoC 2.0.8e.w3x
Scar of Quel'thalas 3.0 [PROT].w3x
The Siege of Durnholde BETA.w3x
The Third War 1.47A.w3x
The war of worlds indev.w3x
Warbands of Artania v.1.56.w3x
WorldDomination v1.8f (opt).w3x
WW1 Supremacy 1.03.w3x
Brigand's Haven
Battle of Gilneas 1.5.1.w3x
CorruptionOfVeseon 0.4.8.w3x
Fall of Quel'thalas 1.0fc-opt.w3x
Fall of Quel'thalas 1.1-opt.w3x
Fall of Quel'thalas 1.1a-opt.w3x
Lordaeron TA v1.42.w3x
Lordaeron TF 0.05.w3x
Lordaeron TF 0.07.w3x
Lordaeron TF 0.12.w3x
Lordaeron TF 0.14.w3x
Planetary Domination 2.04.w3x
Rise of the Lich King 1.3 Beta.w3x
Rise of the Vampyr 3.83.w3x
Siege of Quel'Thalas 5.2-opt.w3x
Viking Settlers 0.17.w3x
WiP [Reborn] Release 1.4b opt.w3x
Zombie Defense Custom v8.7 Final.w3x