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Full Command List

For a full list of all Bot-Commands check the Bot-Commands-List. Click here! (Opens in new window)

Owner Commands

!closeall close all open slots
!openall open all closed slots
!open [number] open [number] slot
!close[number] close [number] slot
!swap [n1] [n2] swap slots [n1] [n2]
!from display the country each player is from
!from [name] display the country of a player (partial match)
!ping [number] ping players, optionally add [number] to kick players with ping above [number]
!hold [name] hold a slot for someone
!kick [name] kick a player (it tries to do a partial match)
!sp shuffle players
!start [force] start game, optionally add [force] to skip checks
!startn starts game directly, without a countdown
!unhost unhost game (in lobby)
!mute [name] mute a player (it tries to do a partial match)
!unmute [name] unmute a player (it tries to do a partial match)
!latency [number] set game latency (50-500), leave blank to see current latency
!owner [name] sets someone else as owner
!drop drop all lagging players
!votecancel cancel a votekick


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