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Website FAQ

In Game FAQ

Website FAQ:

Q: How to host?

A: Firstly you have to choose map and type of the game: public or private, set a game name and enter your Battle.net account, then you hit "HOST IT!" button and thats all.

Q: How to find map on maps list?

A1: If you want to find some map on the list, for ex. DotA you have to choose some map at the beginning of the list, it doesn't matter which. Then you type letters on your keyboard like D, O, T, and you will be moved to DotA maps.
A2: If you do not know the exact name of the map, go the the map downloads page and use Ctrl+F to search for keywords. After you have found your map there you should be able to get to it in the list easily.

Q: Where can I find a list of all ENT maps?

A: A full detailed list can be found here.

Q: What is a Load Code?

A1: ENT gives every map a specific load code. In case you wanna host your own game via ENT, we provide you the unique load code each time you host a map.
A2: The load code is a unique and one-time only generated code to identify the map.

Q: The droplist looks small, the chat is cut off, what do I do?

A: Refresh/Update your browsers, clear cookies. Try a different browser/reinstalling if it fails. If you're on Firefox, hit the view tab, then page style, then no style.

Q: The site is lagging. What's wrong?

A: The problem may be with your cookies or the browser you are using. If you are using Internet Explorer, make sure you have IE8 to reduce the lag. However, it is highly recommended to use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. If it is your cookies, delete them all and try refreshing the page.

Q: On which servers do the bots host?

A: The ENT bots are connected to four realms: Asia, US-West, US-East and Europe, plus Garena. Additionally, you can choose from four servers of which 3 are located in the US.

Q: My game could not be created? Why?

A: Most likely the gamename you chose was taken. You can address that issue by chosing a unique gamename (souch as mygame0123456789) and rename your game once it is created with the !pub *name* or the !priv *name* command. It is also possible that the map you chose is bugged, and cannot be played. In either case you should try to rehost.

Q: I see my favourite map is not in the list. Can I add it?

A:For ENT maps, please click this link.

Q: I suggested my map a long time ago and it's still not added. When are maps added anyway?

A: ENT maps will be added instantly, however, suggested maps are added by MMH every day and synchronized with the servers at 7am.

Q: Is it really free? Does the staff get paid for it?

A: Yes it is free, and no the staff is not paid. The upkeep cost of the servers is provided by the ads and the donations.

Q: My game was successfully created, but the map is different. Why? What should I do?

A: Due to the nature of map database updates, some of the bots recieve the new maps later than the others, so it is possible that even though you see your map on the list, the bot you were given doesn't have it yet. If this occurs it will host a random map instead. We advice you just simply wait. If it has been atleast 24 hours, you may contact us.

Q: I have found a map that is bugged. What can I do?

A:You can not report maps on ENT.

In Game FAQ:

Q: How can I set an announce message?

A: With the !announce {sec} {msg} command. The bot will print {msg} every {sec} seconds. Leave blank or "off" to disable the announce message.

Q: I'm in my game/game lobby but i can't run any commands, why?

A1: If you are in the lobby of a private game you most likely have to spoofcheck. Just do a /r s when your join your game and it'll work fine except if you have typed your owner name wrong.
A2: If you are in the game and you can't run any commands make sure you don't send commands in Observer Chat since the bot won't react on them. Type them in all chat (Shift+Return Key).

Q: I cannot join my game, why?

A1: If you can't find your game try leaving and reentering the custom games tab (or even Battle.net). Also if you are copy-pasting the game name from the website there might be an unwanted "space" character at the end.
A2: If you can't find your game and it doesn't, you could try to do /whois <botname> to check for it's status. In case the bot is offline, rehost with another bot..)
A3: If you are getting kicked from the game right as you enter you don't have the map. The bots do not allow download by default, so they kick dl-ers. You can download the available maps from this website (menu at the top). If you have played the map recently either the bot hosted a map different to your selected one (See the corresponding FAQ entry), or someone uploaded a slightly different map under the same name which overwrote yours.
A4: If you are getting kicked right as the download would finish unfortunately the map you hosted is bugged, and cannot be played. (You may report bugged maps at the bottom of the page.)

Q: How can I turn on the auto refresh?

A: Refresh is ALWAYS on! The command !refresh on does not affect anything, it just shows when the bot is refreshing.

Q: How can I add computer player to my games?

A: With the !comp x command, where x is the number of the slot you want to put the computer in.

Q: How can I rename my game?

A: With !pub *name* for public games or !priv *name* for private games.

Q: How to turn on/off downloads on the bot?

A: Type !downloads to toggle the downloads option.

You may contact us if you have any more questions
or would like to add something to the FAQ.