2018-10-11 :: News - WC3Connect

Hello everybody!

We're excited to announce WC3Connect, a major improvement over ENT Connect that allows you to easily join ENT/MMH games using a desktop application.

Download link for Windows: https://entgaming.net/wc3connect.exe
Download link for Mac OS X: https://entgaming.net/wc3connect-osx.zip
Download link for Linux: https://entgaming.net/wc3connect-amd64

The upcoming 1.30.2 patch breaks support for the custom game community. After the 1.30.2 patch is released, you will need WC3Connect to play on ENT, and other custom game communities that we plan to add support for. Additionally, we will continue using 1.30.1 (the current version), so you shouldn't update to the new patch.

To get started:

  • Download wc3connect.exe
  • Run wc3connect.exe and login in the app
  • Select a game
  • Launch WC3, go to "Local Area Network", and join the game

Please let us know if you have feedback or questions!

Planned features:
  • Add MMH games
  • Some kind of integrated chat system for players who don't use e.g. discord
  • Setting to play alert when game finishes loading
  • Show games that player has played before in a separate tab (similar to top section of website games list)

Known bugs:
  • Your forum username must be at most 15 characters. If you have a longer username, you'll have to either register a new account or request to change it.
  • Some antivirus/firewall may leave you on "Authenticating" page or forum. Currently the app does not display a useful error. If your app is stuck on this page after logging in, try adding an exception to your antivirus/firewall software.
  • Earlier version did not work on pre-Windows-8 or 32-bit, newest version works on both

  • 2018101001: fix another occasional crash on reconnect
  • 2018100501: fix sporadic crash problem
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